General Policy

Payments received by Ambar Connect SL can be refunded only if cancelled at least 30 days BEFORE the date of the event.

ExpoHalal Policy

In order for the space to be allocated, the exhibitor must pay the initial deposit which is specified in the Method of Payment section. Likewise, in the event that an exhibitor does not meet payment deadlines within the established timeframe, this exhibitor will lose his/her right to participate and any sums of money paid up to that point will be forfeit. If the space has not been paid in full by the exhibitor before the start of the fair, his/her participation will not be authorized.

Cancellation due to force majeure. In the event of the trade fair not being able to take place as a result of force majeure, the organizers are exempt from any responsibility, and will not be responsible for the payment of any kind of compensation. However, the exhibitors will be returned the full sum of any money paid by them to AMBAR CONNECT S.L.

Exhibitor resignation. The exhibitor resignation will end this contract. If the exhibitor decides not to participate, any sum paid up to that point will be forfeit. Any resignation should be communicated by letter to the event Organization. If this decision is communicated in the 30 days before the start of the fair, the organizers may require that the exhibitor pay the full price of the space, even if the latter may be subsequently hired out to an alternate exhibitor.

Refund Policy for Visa’s Refusal

VISA applicant must communicate the VISA refusal during the 5 following days of the refusal.

The organizer will refund Exhibitor or Visitor package fees in case of visa’s refusal.

In normal circumstances the applicant will be refunded in 15 days after organizer receives the visa refusal.

Exceptionally, your expenses will not be refund by the following conditions:

  • If the applicant misses the appointment
  • If the applicant does not hand required documents
  • If the applicant hands wrong or expired documents
  • If the applicant did not set an appointment one month before the exhibition
  • Other circumstances depending on the applicant.

The organizer will not refund the bank fees.